Energy usage data, visualization and analytics in one app.

Smart meter reader

With iSmartMeter you can read your energy usage directly from your own smart meter with a smart phone camera. The computer vision based smart meter reader works universally with most modern smart meters and is easy to use thanks to a unique augmented reality based user interface.

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Customizable dashboard

Build your own dashboard from dozens of pre-made reports and customize them further to suit your needs. On the iSmartMeter dashboard you can track your energy usage in real time as well as plot and aggregate your historical energy usage over multiple time spans and across different variables.

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Energy disaggregation

iSmartMeter automatically detects patterns in your energy usage and disaggregates them to give you a better view of your energy behavior. You can follow what’s happening in your home in real-time from your event feed and plot your consumption against identified consumption patterns or appliances on your dashboard.

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Augmented reality based
smart meter reader.

Simply point your device's camera at your smart meter and the iSmartMeter computer vision algorithm will take care of the rest. iSmartMeter will detect your real-time power consumption from the flashing LEDs on your smart meter and start streaming your data to the Internet, accessible to you from anywhere in the world, anytime.

The smart meter reader works universally with most modern digital smart meters with flashing LEDs for indicating real-time power consumption.

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Download for free - no up-front investment required!

How is it possible? iSmartMeter uses your device’s camera to read your energy consumption optically from your existing smart meter – it’s all software. By choosing iSmartMeter as your home energy monitoring solution you do not need to purchase expensive hardware and sensors or even wait for the physical product to be delivered. Instead, you can get started with minimal commitment.

100% Software-based solution

Download for free and get started in a few minutes. Minimal commitment required.

Pure Internet

iSmartMeter is cloud-native and lets you access your data anywhere, anytime. Share it with other members of your household or even make it public if you want.

Decentralized philosophy

Your energy usage data is stored locally on your device. Not only would it cost us money and be a potential legal liability for us if we stored it ourselves, but we also believe being masters over their own data is what our users prefer.

Build your own dashboard
with real-time data

Choose from dozens of pre-made reports and customize them further to suit your needs. Easily switch between different smart meters if you are monitoring several locations.

The dashboard updates in real time and with low latency. Any changes in your energy usage at home are immediately reflected on your dashboard. Discover how all your household appliances have their own unique energy signatures!

  • Multiple smart meters
  • 60+ pre-made reports
  • Real-time and historical data
  • High-resolution time series
  • Customize chart type, aggregation function, time span, color, and more!
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See iSmartMeter in action


Setting up the smart meter reader



Detect behavior patterns and appliances automatically

Explore your home's event feed

iSmartMeter automatically detects patterns from your energy usage time series. These patterns may be specific to a certain appliance or characteristic of your behavior and how you use them. You only need to label each distinct pattern detected for you by iSmartMeter once and you will have a permanent feed of events happening in your household. In your event feed you may filter and explore historical events by pattern type.

Plot energy usage against identified appliances and consumption patterns

You can include reports on your dashboard that plot your energy or time consumed against patterns detected by iSmartMeter. Learn how much energy you are using on some of your major home appliances and discover things about your energy behavior that you didn’t know before!

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Get started with iSmartMeter

Get iSmartMeter for free on Google Play. It only takes a few minutes to download and get started.


Google & Facebook integration, data sharing & access control and more!